About Us

The Treatment For Tinnitus Clinic was established by Dr. James Gall, who has been helping patients suffering with tinnitus since 1975. He’s been proudly featured as one of the best tinnitus treatment specialists in America by US News and World Report and continues to serve the public in an advisory role.

Over the last 40 years, Dr. Gall has helped over 60,000 patients identify the cause of their tinnitus by correctly diagnosing their symptoms and guiding them toward the right treatment. He now focuses on doing the same for his website visitors that seek his advice and recommendations. While he no longer accepts new patients, he still plays an active role in the tinnitus community by advising those suffering from tinnitus on several of the industry forums.

Having experienced tinnitus himself at the age of 45, Dr. Gall knows first hand what it’s like to suffer from the debilitating condition and the welcome relief that the right tinnitus treatment can bring. Feel free to contact Dr. Gall to have any questions on tinnitus answered that aren’t already addressed on his website, and please remember to consult with your own audiologist before starting or stopping any new tinnitus treatments.